Installation of the DojoCLI documentation.

  1. Download the latest stable version (without "-dev" suffix) from the releases:
Release page example of the Dojo on
  1. Download the executable corresponding to your OS and architecture.

    • ℹ️ For these OS you can use specific packaged release that install the binary at the right place (so you can ignore the next point).
      • Debian / Ubuntu : You can use the deb package named Debian / Ubuntu (YOUR_ARCH) package.
      • macOS: You can use the pkg version named macOS (YOUR_ARCH) package.
  2. Put it in your path. For

    • For exemple:
      • ℹ️ Linux: $HOME/.local/bin
      • ℹ️ macOS: /usr/local/bin
  3. Verify your installation is working correctly by calling the dojo CLI.

Usage: dojo [options] [command]

CLI of the Dojo application

  -h, --help           display help for command
  -H, --host <string>  override the Dojo API endpoint (default: "")
  -V, --version        output the version number

  assignment           manage an assignment
  exercise             manage an exercise
  help [command]       display help for command
  session              manage Dojo and Gitlab sessions

As you can see calling the dojo command shows the help menu.