Assignment creation

Assignment creation documentation.

The assignment is created by a member of the teaching staff and is the basis for students to perform their exercise.

  1. To create an assignment
dojo assignment create --name <unique_name>
Please wait while we verify and retrieve data...
ℹ Checking Dojo session: 
    ✔ The session is valid
        ✔ Teaching staff permissions
ℹ Checking Gitlab token: 
    ✔ Read access
    ✔ Write access
✔ Assignment name "unique_name" is available
Please wait while we are creating the assignment...
✔ Assignment successfully created
    ℹ Name: unique_name
    ℹ Web URL:
    ℹ HTTP Repo:
    ℹ SSH Repo: ssh://

where <unique_name> is the name of the assignment. By default only the creator of the exercise is added to the assignment (which is just a git repository with some configuration files in it). There are several other options that can be provided:

dojo assignment create --name <unique_name> --template <url>

where <url> is the url of the template repository one may want to use as a basis for the assignment-

dojo assignment create --name <unique_name> --members_username <usernames>

where <usernames> is a list of gitedu usernames that will be given the same permissions as the user creating the assignment.

As usual one can show the help menu by typing

dojo assignment create --help

Or you may just enter (--help is implicit in most commands)

dojo assignment create
  1. Clone the repository of the assignment that was just created:
git clone ssh://
  1. Modify the unique_name assignment as you want (modify the Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml files, add a readme, source code, compilation tools, etc.). Commit and push our work (soon™ more details will be provided on how to create assignment).

  2. Once the assignment is done and validated by the pipeline it must be published to be available to students:

dojo assignment publish unique_name
? Are you sure you want to publish this assignment? Yes
Please wait while we verify and retrieve data...
ℹ Checking Dojo session: 
    ✔ The session is valid
ℹ Checking assignment:
    ℹ unique_name
        ✔ The assignment exists
        ✔ You are in the staff of this assignment
Please wait while we publish the assignment...
✔ Assignment unique_name successfully published